Arborist Licenses: CT 62015, RI 186
ISA NE-6709A

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Privacy trees for pickup or delivery anywhere in Connecticut and border areas

We also supply all types of ornamental trees and shrubs


The Many Benefits of fast growing Arborvitae “Green Giant” Trees


Maintains foliage all year round for privacy and beauty through out the year.


Most varieties of arborvitae are grow quickly, making an excellent choice for privacy hedges or wind break walls.

Low Maintenance.

Once established, arborvitae require little care.  They are relatively pest and disease resistant.


Grows in all soils in all conditions.


A popular and sought after tree can bring added property value to your home.


Take care of privacy issues with an attractive natural fence as “screening trees”.  Can also block wind as a wind screen for windy areas.

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When you REQUEST A PRICE QUOTE, please include the following information:
Number of Trees Needed
Preferred height

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Trees range in size from 1-2 ft seedlings  to 3-7  ft trees.  Prices range from $25 – $150.

Size, quantity, delivery and planting needs will effect price.

The Problem Solvers

Great trees make for great neighbors.  Enjoy the serenity of a natural fence tree screening to increase your privacy.

Low maintenance, fast growing arborvitae, Thuja or green giant trees are the answer to your privacy needs.


For those who enjoy a low maintenance manicured look


Create a dream-like park setting.


A natural privacy fence awaits.  Peaceful and serene.

Parks, Private and Public

Parks, cemeteries, churches, public or private property is more desirable, encouraging attendees or buyers.